The Efforts Being Made by End Citizens United PAC in Amending the Constitution

One thing that stood out about the last general elections was the manner in which PACs got involved in the entire process. Some groups which had not been heard of in years came back to life, raised funds and put up a very spirited campaign for their preferred candidates. The End United Citizens Group is one of the PACs that had been active even before the elections and now that the elections are completed, they have shifted their attention to other activities. Top on their agenda for this year is raising enough funds ahead of the congress mid-terms that will take place next year. Their main goal is to have an amendment done to the constitution, barring super PACs from getting involved in the electoral process and interfering with democracy.


The problem that the group is dealing with was created in 2010 after a bill was signed into law, allowing Super PACs back into the mainstream politics. Although the bill could have been passed in good faith, the law created a loophole for criminal gangs to fund political activities and have controlling hands in the politics of the day, which greatly undermines democracy.


When the PAC started their fundraising, they were hoping to make enough to support a few of their candidates. They managed to raise $25 million by the time of last year’s general election. This year is better for them because in the first three months, they have already raised $4 million. They have projected that they could raise more than $35 million ahead of next year’s mid-terms.


The president and CEO of the group stated that people were very ready to make contributions to the cause for several reasons. There are millions of Americans who aren’t at peace with the results of the just concluded general elections. These people feel that the best way they can do something about their lack of satisfaction with the group which is currently in power is contributing to the PAC. More than 40,000 fresh contributions have been made to the group.


The group’s ultimate aim is to have the constitution amended. They are hoping that they can manage to raise the one million signatures which are needed to get a hearing from the supreme court. They are also hoping that they will get the funding they need for the entire process. There are some people who claim that the goals of the PAC are a little ambitious, especially because the last time the constitution was amended was in 1992, but there is a lot of hope that at least they will create more awareness about the rights of the people. The group is definitely creating a sensation within the community.



July 20, 2017

Posted In: Politics