Visual Search Engines: The New Frontier

It would not be a stretch to say that search engines have taken the world by storm. What was previously seen as a lackluster piece of technology has blossomed into a modern technological miracle, but search engines do not seem to be stagnating. On the contrary, they are becoming more innovative and creative than ever, and the newest form of that creativity is the visual search engine.

What are Visual Search Engines?

Visual search engines are a new way of imagining the classic idea of a search engine. Instead of searching for a phrase and being bombarded with page upon page of text, users are instead greeted by visually stunning content in the form of pictures.

Understandably, this new technology revolutionizes the world of search engines. It makes it far easier for a user to scroll through their results when they are looking at pictures, but does not sacrifice the accuracy and ingenuity that initially made search engines such a hit.

Of course, as with anything else, not all visual search engines are up to the same standard. How does one think of an idea even more innovative than the visual search engine? Well, take a look at Slyce for a perfect example.

While the world of visual search engines is full of innovators and standouts, Slyce still manages to offer a unique product. Instead of offering a search engine based upon keywords and phrases, has brought new meaning to the term “visual search engine.”

Instead of typing in a phrase, users simply take a picture of an item that they see and want in the real world. This picture is then uploaded into their database, which in turn gives the user results about where they can purchase the item, often for a better cost than the real-life model.

This makes Slyce ideal for shoppers, particularly those on a budget. After all, why should anyone have to sacrifice innovation in their search for a bargain?

It seems that search engines will never cease to reinvent themselves and improve on older models, and visual search engines are the latest continuation in that cycle. For anyone seeking to find the latest and most innovative technology across the Web, visual search engines are certainly where to start looking.

July 8, 2016

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Mike Baur And Swiss Start Up Factory Develops Young Entrepreneurs

Swiss native Mike Baur is an businessman and entrepreneur. He is also one of co-founders of the Swiss Start Up Factory, a business incubator for young entrepreneurs. Raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, Baur was interested in finance and banking at an early age. He also had a natural talent for it. After earning an MBA at the University of Rochester New York and attending the University of Bern and earning an Executive MBA, Baur went on to spend 20 years in the banking industry in Switzerland. He started at UBS as a commercial apprentice. Within a few years he was serving on the executive board of a major private Swiss bank. Baur had realized his dream.

But Mike Baur was still a very young man. He needed a new goal and a new passion to drive him. Given his love for business, his interest in youth, and concern for the future of Swiss entrepreneurship, Baur and his friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer decided to create a company dedicated to helping young Swiss entrepreneurs to succeed. The partners came up with a business plan, Baur used his skills and banking connections to raise the funds they needed to get started, and in 2014 when Baur was 39 years old Swiss Start-Up Factory AG was born. And it has successfully developed many young Swiss entrepreneurs.

Based in Zurich, Swiss Start-UP Factory is a business accelerator program that lasts 3 months. During that time the company provides young entrepreneurs with accounting and financing advice and teaches them about cash flow, payroll management, bookkeeping, taxes, portfolio development, marketing, branding, and a wide variety of other skills specifically tailored to meet their business needs. They also provide the businesses with connections, opportunities, office space, and mentoring to help them to become established. Swiss Start-Up Factory even provides the companies with financial support and funding.

Swiss Start-Up Factory has been a smashing success. In the short time since its founding the company has drawn rave reviews and has become Switzerland’s number one privately funded, independent ICT Startup accelerator. Mike Baur and his team continues to invest time and resources in young Swiss entrepreneurs and offers them exciting opportunities through their strong network of business connections. Each year Swiss Start-Up Factory takes on several businesses they deem to have potential, puts them through their 3 month training program, and helps them to achieve their most ambitious goals.

July 7, 2016

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Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resort – Seeks Peace With Incorporate Olympic Valley


Andy Wirth is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort that is located in the beautiful Olympic Valley that portrays some of the worlds most beautiful mountains. The resort is a very desirable place for many natives as well as travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. They travel from all over the world to visit the beautiful mountains that are the home to the resort. Andy Wirth is the owner and operator of the resort and he has worked very hard to add some much needed changes and assets to the property. Unfortunately, he has had some issues with an incorporation that has intervened and created some issues within the community and the resort. However, on the positive side, Wirth has finally started to see some relief from Incorporate Olympic Valley that posed a recipe for disaster, as well as a relief in the weather. Mother nature hasn’t been very gracious to the beautiful valley. A drought for the last few years has severely impacted the resort, making it very hard to conduct business. Thankfully a winter weather snow storm came blasting through the valley and brought in some much needed moisture for the resort. Between those two items of relief, Wirth is looking up towards the positive side and hoping that what needs to be repaired between the two parties can be mended.

Andy Wirth was born and raised in Germany. He moved to the Colorado area where he attended the Colorado State University. He graduated it his Bachelor’s degree and began to pursue jobs. He landed a job at the Steamboat Resort and began his career in the resort industry. He has always been and outdoor enthusiast and was involved in a life changing experienced when he nearly died sky diving. It forever changed his life and has shaped him into the successful businessman he is today. Not only does he run one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, but he is also very active in the environment and is proud to help keep it a safe place to live.

He has been working on a project at the Squaw Valley Resort that involves a gondola that will connect the two resorts together allowing skier’s to easily navigated between the two resorts. Wirth along with the community is very excited to add this feature to the resort because it allows them to explore even more, and add a little bit more freedom so they can enjoy even more country. The project will take awhile to complete, but Wirth is committed to continue to add special features to the resort and ensure that it is always a desirable, beautiful and prestigious resort that many people will enjoy for many years to come.

July 5, 2016

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Stephen Murray – Co-Founder and CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray is a businessman and philanthropist that was the former CCMP Capital CEO who sadly passed away due to health related conditions. CCMP Capital specializes in buyout and equity growth transactions. CCMP Capital is a branch off of JP Morgan and Chase along with many other high end, prominent banking industries. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

CCMP Capital was built and formed through generations of highly experienced professionals. Murray was included through the entire process of the formation and became the CEO in 2007. CCMP was considered its own independent firm in 2006.

Before Mr. Stephen Murray’s passing, he worked endlessly to build the company to the highest standards, making it a world class investment firm that is trusted by many individuals. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in four different targeted sectors. They are industrial, healthcare, chemicals and retail. They strive to ensure that the investment solutions are endless and that the investments are always secure.

Stephan Murray has been in the investment industry since 1984. He attended school at Boston College and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. At that point in time he started working for an investment firm as an analyst while he went back to school to get his master’s degree.

He graduated with his master’s in 1989 and continued with the investment industry line of work until the time of his passing. With over thirty years of experience, he most definitely understood the process of the company as well as the proper way to make it run.

Murray was also an active philanthropist and donated his time and money to help the community. He was a avid member of the Make A Wish Foundation and took part in the local food banks to help those who were in need of food and help the community thrive.

He also was active on the board of directors at Boston College and maintained his development and membership as an alumni. He worked hard in he businesses that he carried out in the investment industry as well as philanthropy. He was a hard worker and will be greatly missed by many people.

The staff and executive team at CCMP Capital learned a lot from his experience and are grateful they will be able to utilize it in the future. CCMP Capital continues to thrive and offer exceptional services to many different resources throughout the world. The global company is a proud world class investment partner to many investment firms.

June 30, 2016

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Choosing A Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you searching for a reliable reputation management firm? Want to know how to effectively protect your profile online and maintain a positive image? Perhaps you are aware that Fix Search Results comes highly recommended in the industry.

These days, it is very important for businesses and professionals to keep track of what clients and customers are saying about the. The Internet moves fast, and with just one misstep, you can hit rock bottom and lose your image and reputation. Having a positive image is essential and will help you succeed in your endeavors, while a negative image can have a huge devastating effect.

Not every person will post positive comments or reviews about you or your business, so it is imperative to set up a monitoring system that find negative content and suppresses them. This will ensure that your online profile is well protected.

There are many companies out there providing online reputation management services to businesses and professionals. But you need to keep in mind that not all reputation management firms are created equal. It is extremely important to choose a firm that has an established history of achieving desirable outcomes for clients. When it comes to selecting a top rated reputation management firm, look no further than Fix Search Results and their team of highly experienced professionals.

Fix Search Results has a proven track record due to their top notch services. The company has a qualified team of digital specialists and search engine optimization experts who provides appropriate solutions to meet their clients’ needs. These professionals monitor their clients’ profile and suppress negative content, using their proprietary systems. To learn more about Fix Search Results and how they can help you monitor and maintain your online reputation, visit their website.

June 24, 2016

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Status Labs Helps Everyone Overcome Online Scandal

Status Labs is one of the best companies in the world for dealing with online scandal, and they were featured recently in a publication in their hometown of Austin. It is a great place for people to come when they know that they need help with their online reputation. The online reputation of any company is really important, and these companies need to feel like they have protection and a partner. That is why hiring a company like Status Labs makes sense.


There are a lot of people who need to know how to manage their online reputation, and it is important that they have Status Labs working on that as soon as possible. There are a lot of things that can be done to help a company come out of the situation well, but they have no chance at all if they are not managed the right way. These companies need to feel like they have someone looking out for them, and they also need to make sure that they have made a commitment to maintaining that reputation.


Status Labs will do a lot for its clients from create content to manage anything online that turns out to be false. There are a lot of people who are going to need to have false items removed from the Internet, and that is what the Status Labs team is there for. The team is there to make sure that they have all the false information removed, and they will dig around the whole Internet to make sure that they have found everything that does not belong.


Status Labs can help its client learn how to respond to a crisis, and they will use all the positive information they can find to make a case for their clients. There are a lot of things that can be done to make a real response to crisis, and the client will eventually have a much better reputation that they can use to build their business again. Status Labs does not allow clients to falter when they can simply make a brand new image. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company.


June 23, 2016

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Success of White Shark Media Based on Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The customer is always right and the sooner a company resolves its issues the sooner it can continue to be profitable. White Shark Media Review is an online marketing solution company that has perfected the art of consumer appraisal. It does not take a genius to figure out that the company will soon soar above its competitors and became the most sought out online marketing company in the market.

Many people have Face book accounts which they use to communicate with each other. Face book is both cheap and convenient for most people. White Shark Media Review has a Face book account which it uses to communicate with its customers. On its Face book account one will notice important tips and feed backs from various clients. 1,920 people like its Face book account and have given it 4.2 stars out of the maximum 5 stars. A cursory preview of its timeline will review various comments from different customers giving their take on White Shark Media mode of operation. Their Face book timeline has a toll number that one can call for more inquiries, comments or reviews. They boost fast response hence a straight forward answer to any question raised within a reasonable period of time. For private inquiries on a person can use the in box function of their Face book account.

You Tube enjoys a wide audience of people. You can post a variety of videos showing informative tips and means of communicating with them. It has taken advantage of billion views that are enjoyed by You Tube subscribers. They have created back links to their website making it easier for subscribers to revert back to them. They have created enticing informative videos on that target a particular group of people provide a multi faceted way of viewing their products and reviewing about the services offered by them. Having a worldwide viewing platform ensures the continuity of your products since they are now in the public domain providing an email list to be used by its various subscribers.

White Shark Media has unveiled a dedicated platform where it gives hints on how to communicate with it. The platform is available to anyone with internet connection and explains in great detail how to post your reviews and complaints. In order to save time it has taken time to compile frequent problematic sectors that are affecting many people and offered collective solutions. In doing so it has drastically reduced the amount of people calling seeking clarification for basic problems. At this website one will find useful tips and a free Ad Words book for beginners.

It also has a dedicated page that comprises of only testimonials from various people. This page is monitored round the clock ensuring every person take has been factored and evaluated. 

May 21, 2016

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Baby Bandicoot Finds Refuge Under a Mother Duck

A west Australian man was quite surprised when he went to check on his female Muscovy duck’s nest. The duck’s owner, Jon Urbana, told Fox Carolina that he found a tiny baby bandicoot keeping warm under the duck with her unhatched eggs. He said the duck didn’t seem to mind the baby marsupial even after the eggs hatched. Rex thinks the baby may be sneaking away from the nest to get fed by its real mother as it looked like it wasn’t starving. Bandicoots are common around his home as he says they are attracted to the chicken feed.

Bandicoots are a marsupial insectivore that occasionally eats plant material and grains. Adult bandicoots are also known to eat mice and other small animals on occasion, but are unlikely to bother with a duckling. Usually, baby bandicoots live in their mother’s pouch until they are about three months old. Rex says this baby bandicoot has been in his yard for at least five days. He saw it leave once, but come back later that day.

February 6, 2016

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FreedomPop and the New Global Hotspot

FreedomPop is becoming a global phenomenon. The startup was founded in Los Angeles not too long ago, and the investment funding used for the launch paid off well. FreedomPop boasts more than one million subscribers in the United States. The company expanded into the United Kingdom where 250,000+ subscribers reside. Now, the company is launching a new global hotspot to accommodate those subscribers who are traveling.

The new hotspot network will be funded, in part, from $50 million in new investor funding. The tech site Re/Code has the full story, and it is one budget-minded travelers are going to be very happy to read. The hotspot is slated to be instituted in 25 countries. Anyone traveling through those countries can connect to FreedomPop through a smartphone.

Additional services must be purchased in order to take advantage of the global hotspot. A one-time fee of $49 is required. Anyone who needs the appropriate FreedomPop SIM card may buy one for a mere $10. A set amount of free data is provided per month. The data amount can be increased for an extra cost.

FreedomPop has made a huge splash on the budget phone scene thanks to taking things one step beyond all competitor. FreedomPop chose to offer a baseline totally free amount of phone, text, and data to customers. All the customer needed to do is purchase a phone from FreedomPop or acquire a SIM card. Prices were kept further low due to the company not spending much – if any – money on traditional advertising. So far, FreedomPop has turned out to be a huge success.

The global hotspot is one more new option slated to be offered by FreedomPop. Other new services are in the works. Look for 2016 to be a banner year for the company.

February 4, 2016

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